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Make any QR code accessible for people who are blind or vision impaired.

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Transforming an Accessible QR code by adding NaviLens

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It is challenging for a blind or partially sigted person to scan a QR code. The NaviLens accessible QR code allows anyone to easily scan a QR code.

Interior of a restaurant with a display on the table containing a NaviLens Accessible QR code. User´s hand scanning NaviLens accessible code inside a restaurant

The Solution

A conventional QR code on a restaurant menu

Do you already have a QR code with information? Informative Poster, Restaurant Menu, Manual, etc...

A conventional QR code on a restaurant menu to which an Accessible NaviLens QR code is applied

Add the NaviLens Accessible QR code to your QR with our free generator

A smartphone showing accessible information on screen

Now your QR is accessible and everybody can used it. So simple, so fast.

Now, my NaviLens Accessible QR code:

  • Can be read further away
  • Can be read on movement
  • Without the need to focus or frame it

  • Everybody can use it

    Smartphone screen scanning an accessible NaviLens QR code that is completely out of focus
    Generate your own accesible QR code easily and totally free

NaviLens Accessible QR Code Creation Panel Interface

    The NaviLens Accessible QR Code

    NaviLens Accessible QR Code Scheme deconstructed by layers

    NaviLens Anti QRishing Protection

    If the QR code is manipulated by a scammer, the NaviLens Apps detect this and don't allow it to be read, thus protecting you and your device.

    Schematic illustration showing the anti QRishing protection that NaviLens provides

    Kaminoyama City Magazine, Pref. Yamagata, Japan.

    This Japanese magazine is more accessible thanks to the NaviLens Accessible QR code.

    Cover of Japanese magazine of the city of Kaminoyama containing a NaviLens Accessible QR Code


    The NaviLens Accessible QR Code can be read from much further away, within an angle of up to 160 degrees and on the move. This allows its use without the need to focus or frame the code on the mobile screen. The user does not need to know exactly where the codes are and can therefore be used by blind or vision impaired people. In addition, the user experience is much more satisfactory as it is much faster and easier to use.

    Blind people or anyone with low vision in general struggle to use a QR code because they do not know where it is placed and so have great difficulty focusing and framing it. The NaviLens Accessible QR Code does not need to be focused or framed and can therefore be used by everyone.

    Yes, the new NaviLens Accessible QR Code allows you to create a new QR code or use an existing QR code through its generator

    Yes, you can generate up to 10 codes completely free of charge through the generator You can use your own QR code or create a new one.

    A NaviLens Accessible QR code with a size of 5 cm can be detected up to 5 meters away.

    NaviLens Accessible QR codes can be printed on any type of material, from paper to construction material. The only requirement is that the material does not have a shiny surface or generate reflections that could make identification using the mobile device's camera difficult. Although they can be printed on any material, it is important to take into account the environment of where they will be placed so that they adapt well to its conditions.

    NaviLens Accessible QR Codes make any QR code accessible, allowing it to be read by any user. Its unique function is to allow the reading of the QR code, making it accessible. Therefore, it is not a code designed to label spaces. The traditional NaviLens code allows, in addition to obtaining accessible information, to label spaces and help orient yourself in them.

    Any user can create up to 10 NaviLens Accessible QR codes through the generator for free If your needs are different, you can contact us at

    Once the code has been printed, if the shortener has been selected, you can change the text that is spoken as well as the final URL without having to physically reprint the NaviLens Accessible QR Code.

    The NaviLens team

    Image of the staff that makes NaviLens possible


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    Winner 2023

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    Accessibility Award
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    European Investment Bank

    Social Innovation Tournament
    1st Prize winner 2020

    Mapfre Foundation

    Social Innovation Awards
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